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Making Our Own Hot Sauce

This year I really wanted to grow peppers so I could make my own hot sauce.  I planted some Santa Fe Grande, Serrano, and Habanero peppers.  The Serranos have gone crazy and have many peppers on them, the Santa Fe Grandes are doing well, and I am still waiting on some Habaneros to ripen.  I have so many of the Santa Fe Grande and Serrano peppers that I decided to make a hot sauce using the two pepper types combined.

The Santa Fe Grande are the larger peppers and the Serrano the skinny ones.

The Santa Fe Grandes are mild and rate about 500-700 on the Scoville Unit scale.  That means they are less than half as spicy as a jalapeno.

The Serrano are much spicier and rate 5000-23000 on the Scoville scale.  I think mine are a bit on the mild side.

The recipe I followed came from the Make the Bread Buy the Butter book.  The recipe called for Fresno peppers, but I figure any peppers will work well for hot sauce and each kind will give it’s own unique taste and heat.  Instead of fresh garlic, I used pickled garlic from Petrou Foods. They sell at a local farmers market.  The pickled garlic is a bit sweet and is good enough to eat plain.  I also added dried cilantro for flavor.

Apple cider vinegar for the liquid

I ran the peppers and other ingredients through the blender until they reached the right consistency.  I then poured the sauce into jars and put it into a cabinet to sit for 6 weeks.

I think it is going to be hard to wait 6 weeks for the hot sauce to be ready…


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