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Lego Challenge Build a Rainbow

Today we are bringing Gather Love Grow’s challenge to build a rainbow out of Legos.  The rainbow could be free standing or need to lie on a flat surface.  I told my boys I wanted them to build it where it could stand on its own.

We ended up with 3 rainbow shaped builds, and one flat build that was mostly rainbow colored.  We do not seem to have any purple bricks, so there will be a lack of purple in the rainbows.

Our 11 year old made his rainbow shaped with clouds below it. It isn’t rainbow colored though.

Our 8 year old had a very good rainbow. We didn’t have purple, but he did a good job building the rainbow into the clouds.

Our 6 year old made a flat rainbow colored square. He substituted black for the purple.

Our 4 year old made his sort of rainbow shaped, but without any of the typical rainbow colors.

Thanks again to Isabelle for another Lego challenge.  If you want to see more Lego rainbows then head over to the Gather Love Grow blog.


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