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Sugar Cookie Fruit Tarts

I mentioned in an earlier post that my middle child, Ian, wanted Minecraft cookies for his family birthday party. I had planned to make Minecraft sugar cookies, but I ended up making Minecraft pie crust cookies instead. It was difficult for me to roll out and cut the shapes out, so I abandoned the dough and used pie crust instead. Since I had a sugar cookie dough now sitting in the fridge, I had to think of something else to do with it.

Sugar cookie fruit tarts with vanilla pastry cream seemed the way to go! This gave me a chance to use the tart pan my MIL had given me for my birthday.

The Sugar Cookie Tart Recipe I used can be found here.

My initial concern with the tart pan was not greasing it well enough and having tart crust stick to the pan. I saw this trick, strips of waxed paper placed in the tart pan hollows before pressing in the crust, on the Great British Bakeoff. It worked like a charm!

They’re a bit rustic-looking but they tasted good as a tart crust. I actually can’t remember what I baked these tart crusts at or for how long! I’m going to assume that I used the recipe’s oven temp of 350 degrees and 9 – 11 minutes for the baking time and checked on the crusts as they baked.

For the filling, I just used my usual vanilla pastry cream recipe. It is true what they say about pastry cream. Once you learn how to make it, you can whip it up in about 15 minutes or less. That’s almost as fast as making vanilla pudding from a box!

I had strawberries, a few kiwi fruit, and blueberries to use on the sugar cookie tarts, plus I put some mint from our garden. I wasn’t too happy with my arrangement of the fruit, but it was worth a try to make it pretty!

I think I made the cookie crust a little bit too thick, but I was trying to use up as much of the dough as possible. Next time, I will try to make it thinner.


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