At the end of August, we took a family day trip to Ramona, a town about 45 minutes from us. We love this area of San Diego County. We also love to shop small businesses, so when Josh saw Trumper’s Honey and Fruit Shack in Santa Ysabel, we had to stop. He has seen it before while working in the area but had never had a chance to stop by, probably because it is only open on weekends.

The nicest lady works in the shop and did not mind at all letting all my kids sample the honey. And it was delicious local honey!

I have been looking for raw alfalfa honey for a long time, and of course, it’s not really something you can find in the store. I hadn’t been to a farmers’ market in a while either, so when I saw raw alfalfa honey here, I HAD to get it. 32 ounces of local honey for $14.99. It was a $15 well-spent because I am now using it in or on everything I can. My kids loved the raw cherry and they especially like it on pancakes!

We also got 44 ounces of raw bee keeper honey (a mix of either buckwheat and alfalfa or buckwheat and sage honey, I can’t remember) for $16.99. I think we are set with honey for a while, and I’m sure by then, we will be ready for another trip to Trumper’s Honey and Fruit Shack!

These are some of the bee hives that were on the property by the parking lot. These are sealed so that bees don’t try to get in and form a hive. The bees live at the back of the property away from visitors.
Some pictures of the honey and fruit shack from the parking lot. This was probably my favorite stop on our trip. I would love to come back!

Trumper’s Honey and Fruit Shack is located off of Highway 78 in Santa Ysabel and is open on the weekend.


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  1. A_Boleyn

    I remember eating comb honey as a kid and saving the spent wax. We thought we could return it to the bees but I guess they don’t recycle. 🙂

    There’s at least one local honey vendor at the city market and I should really give their honey a try.

    1. Lynn-Marie

      There was comb honey at this place 🙂 how do you eat it? I know you can’t eat the comb itself, right? Maybe next time we will get some.

      1. A_Boleyn

        You just break off a piece and chew on it like you do with a stick of gum, sort of wadding all the wax into one piece in your mouth. Eventually you get all the flavour out of the wax and then you spit it out. 🙂

        It’s something you can do outside during the summer, like when you eat watermelon and have a spitting contest with the seeds.

        It doesn’t hurt the kids if they accidentally swallow some but it’s not something you want to do on a regular basis.

        You can SAVE the spent wax and if you get enough you can try making your own candle with it. Though you’d have to save a LOT of wax to do that. 🙂

  2. Lynn-Marie

    I can see my kids really enjoying that! It would be like a natural chewing gum and it probably tastes better too 🙂

    1. Lynn-Marie

      Thanks so much for following and for stopping by! My kids are crazy about honey; I’m glad we’ve found a local source that isn’t too expensive! My next buy from there will probably be the avocado honey. Yum!

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