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Paver Snowmen/Gingerbread Men

A republish from last year. This was a fun project to do, and getting out last year’s project brings back good memories. 


The only place I was able to find the correct shaped pavers was Home Depot.  The pavers were only 67 cents each so they make for a cheap project.  I also bought a can of white and light brown spray paint.  We had all of the materials we used for decorating on hand.

First we put the paver on a box in the drive way and spray painted them white for snowmen and brown for gingerbread.  The pavers were already sort of brown, but were unevenly colored.  They needed to be painted for a better look.

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The spray paint dried within minutes and we were able to decorate our pavers.  We used acrylic paint, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, and ribbons.  I was also able to fashion some hats out of scrap wood.  Each child was able to decorate in their own way.

Our 11-year-old’s snowmen and gingerbread man
Our 8 year old’s gingerbread men and snowman
Our 6 year old’s snowman, alien, and cyclops. I could see myself making something like this as a child.
Our 4 year old is really into black. Not a traditional snowman color.

These were easy and quick decorations that we will be using as decorations for family.  I also learned that the combination of gorilla glue and acrylic paint is VERY hard to clean off your hands.


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