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Lego Challenge: Build the Ultimate Playground

Last week, my kids were reading through all the old Lego posts here on the blog. Their favorite posts to read were the Lego Challenge ones. Afterwards, they wanted to do a Lego Challenge and have me blog about it. Of course, I said yes, because Legos and education and blogging are always a great idea!

For this Lego Challenge, I had them build a playground that uses simple machines. The idea comes from this site: Educating Young Engineers. Two of my boys also wanted to write about their playgrounds, so I’ll be posting their writing along with the pictures of their playgrounds.

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Matthias made a swingset. It’s very forbidding, isn’t it? It does actually swing too.  The minifigure with the M on his shirt is Matthias.

Gwen built a tree and a duck pond, but she forgot the ducks. And the people.

Rhys wrote a description of his playground so I will post that here.

This is a haunted Park. It has 2 ghost in this park. It has a rock-wall, a ramp, a basketball hoop and a lava- flow.

Originally, Rhys’s description was a lot more… interesting, but I had to tell him to tone it down a little bit because we didn’t want to talk about children being chased by ghosts…

Ian also wrote a description of his playground.

This a park that has a see-saw, sliding rope, and, a spinning ride. It is a park with a lot of knights, but it has a normal kid named Ian. He is riding down the sliding rope. The monkey bars can also be ladder. They have two ladders. One to get up and one to be the monkey bars.

I thought all their playgrounds were very creative and also in line with their personalities!

I would like to do a Lego challenge with the kids more often, but most of the next ones will probably come from this book on Amazon: 365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks: Lego Fun Every Day of the Year


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