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Lego Challenge: Build a Thanksgiving Theme

We had to do it: A Thanksgiving-Themed Lego Challenge!

Rhys started off our Lego Challenge with a Lego Ninjago Thanksgiving. Ninjas have to eat too!

Ian decided to make Lego food on a plate. He did a good job! I was most impressed by his turkey drumstick.

Aren’t you just wishing you could have Thanksgiving dinner now instead of waiting until Thursday?

Gwen built half a pumpkin because she couldn’t find enough orange pieces. I think Ian took most of them for his pumpkin pie! She built a plate for her pumpkin. I think it’s very cute!

Thias built a chocolate pie. I think he is telling me something by building one: he wants a chocolate pie for dessert at Thanksgiving! He was not a fan of the blueberry cheesecake I just made because he doesn’t like blueberries. He built his chocolate pie in such a way that a slice comes off and you can see the filling!

Have a happy Thanksgiving and a few days off from school, and enjoy your family time!


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