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Booster Bricks Mega Mystery Box

The kids’ Booster Bricks Mega Mystery box came in today. I am going to say right off that I don’t think I would buy either the mega minifigure pack or the mega mystery box again. Maybe each box (cost: $44) really does have pieces worth over $100, but when your kids are kind of disappointed at the assortment they received, you think there must be a better way to get bulk LEGO pieces (Ebay maybe?) It IS a mystery box so you don’t really know what you’re going to get. If I do buy from Booster Bricks again, it’s more likely to be during their flash deals when I know what kind of pieces I’m buying.

Here are the pics of what we got:

The box itself looked promising. It looked like it would hold a lot of LEGO.

The pieces were all bagged, which was nice. Some of the smaller pieces would have ended up lost in the box if they hadn’t been bagged. We got a large bag of mostly tires and rims, a small bag of satellite-style dish pieces, a small bag of doors and windows pieces, and a large bag of girder-style pieces.

This was the most popular piece: a motorcyle. Two of the boys tried to claim it at the same time.

This is a LOT Of wheels, wheel pieces, axle pieces, and some normal LEGO pieces. There were also a few strands of hair in here. Kind of normal with LEGO wheels I think. They’re pretty hard to clean.

Here is a closer look at the girder-style LEGO pieces we received. I don’t think I’ve seen many of these, so they will be an interesting addition to our collection. I’m sure the kids will find ways to use them.

Satellite dish pieces. The kids’ favorite was a large clear one.

We also got some non-LEGO pieces and one broken LEGO piece. They might still work with LEGO but we’re not sure.

This pizza was hiding in one of the wheels.

A door from a LEGO Friends set.

This is an interesting dish piece. I could see it being used in a submarine build.

So overall, we were disappointed there wasn’t more variety to the pieces that we received in our Booster Bricks LEGO mystery box, but we did get pieces that will be fun to build with. For sure, the kids can now build lots and lots of vehicles!


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