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LEGO Challenge: Build A Still Life

A LEGO Challenge is a great way to keep the kids from getting bored after school. Last night, Josh had them build a still life out of LEGO. The idea comes from our 365 Days of LEGO book.

What is Still Life Art? According to My Modern Met, a still life painting depicts an arrangement of inanimate objects, sometimes on a table or with organic items such as flowers or household objects like vases or textiles.

Matthias built a book, magnifying glass, and a cup on a table. I didn’t even know we had some of these pieces but they are wonderful minifigure accessories and worked well for a mini still life.

Ian built three kinds of lights: a stick light, a disc light, and a fireplace. The stick light is interesting and it looks like something from Pixar. The stick light and the disc light are modeled after the lights Ian uses in his room to read at bedtime.

Rhys was intrigued by the skull still life by Pieter Claeszoon you see above, so he built a skull, a lit candle with dripping wax, and some blueberries.

It took Gwen a while to figure out what she wanted to build. She built a flower among the weeds.

This was an interesting challenge for the kids since they had to stay within a set of rules. Some of them attempted to stretch the rules as much as they could. In the end though, they learned a little bit about art and built some nice-looking still lifes!


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