I think the last night blooming cereus is probably my favorite. I took many pictures of these but will try to only share a few! I call them the four ladies dancing (like the Christmas song).

Don’t they look like four ladies dancing in this picture? Somehow, these flowers seem lacier and more elegant than the others we’ve seen so far. Maybe it’s because they are more fully bloomed than the others.

I thought the shadows of the filaments and anthers on the petals were interesting in this picture. It was nice to have a light that I could move around to change the lighting in my pictures.

We weren’t really able to smell the night blooming cereus scent last night because of the breeze, but tonight we were able to! Perhaps it is because the plants had more flowers than two. The scent isn’t quite vanilla but it does smell nice! I think I might have disturbed a wasp on one of the flowers during my photo session. It was hiding on the stem underneath the flower. I’m glad it wasn’t mad at me! Josh and I did make a curve-billed thrasher upset with us and it followed us around the yard (or maybe we were trespassing on its territory) until we left the area.

Hopefully, I’ll be up for another late night tomorrow with our third bloom night!


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