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Night-Blooming Cereus: Third Bloom

Last night, our last night-blooming cereus graced us with her presence. She was a late bloomer but her flowers were worth the wait! I think it is interesting how each set of flowers had slight differences that to me, gave them personalities.

Last night’s flowers were the only ones I actually saw bees buzzing around. I didn’t want to get too close and disturb them, so I took my pictures of the opening blooms at 7 PM from farther away.

By 9 PM, the bees were gone and I was able to take pictures of the flowers up close. Since these flowers weren’t under mesquite branches or protected by thorny bushes, I was able to take some really close up pictures.

The lower flower hadn’t bloomed all the way yet. The other flower was perfect though.

Doesn’t this flower look just like a little teacup? If this cereus blooms like this every year, I will probably call it The Teacups.

This cactus certainly doesn’t seem like it’s very well-protected but it is very hard to see when it doesn’t have the flowers or flower buds on it. There is what looks like a third flower bud on this cactus but I’m not sure if it will actually turn into a flower.

Thank you so much for joining us on our night-blooming cereus posts. We are hoping that we have another good bloom year next year and Josh and I can look into either livestreaming the flowers opening or making time-lapse pictures! We are thankful that the previous owners of our home told us about these amazing and beautiful flowers. Otherwise, we would have missed their beauty the past three nights.


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