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Kiwico Tinker Crate: Infinity Mirror

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We have been waiting for the Infinity Mirror from Kiwico’s Tinker Crate line to show up back in the Kiwico store for a few months! I was very happy when I saw it back in stock. My second oldest son requested it when we first saw it in the store but then it disappeared. I was afraid we would never see it appear again. Update: This Tinker Crate is currently not in stock. Hopefully, it will be back in stock again soon!

As usual, everything was neatly packaged. The Kiwico Kiwi and Tinker crates are so helpful for homeschooling. Since everything needed is right in the box, I don’t have to go and buy anything extra to complete the project.

My son, Matthias, zipped through the instructions very quickly. I would suggest making sure there is plenty of light as there are some smaller pieces to this project.

The Tinkerzine that came with the crate has some information about illusions and reflections as well as suggestions for further mirror experiments. The magazine also explains what you will see in your infinity mirror.

Here are all the infinity mirror pieces laid out and ready to be assembled.

Matthias is assembling the iris.

The infinity mirror is almost finished. All that is left is the 9 volt battery to install.

The infinity mirror certainly doesn’t look like much once it is assembled! For some reason, I had been expecting a tube of some kind, but it definitely wasn’t that. It was more like the size and shape of a small plate.

Our kitten, Mitzi, likes to sit on the table in the evenings and I guess we were in her way. She also is very curious and likes to see what we are up to.

The infinity mirror doesn’t look every exciting when the LED lights are off.

The reflection of my phone kind of ruins the illusion but the lights are so bright, that I had to take a picture closeup to see the infinity illusion.

Here is a short video of the infinity mirror in action!

The Infinity Mirror is a good choice of Tinker Crate for junior highers. It is interesting enough for young teenagers but seems like it wouldn’t be too difficult for 5th and 6th graders to assemble. It is also just fun to play with!

One extra bit: the infinity mirror has an iris. It would be an impressive way to show off the illusion by not opening the iris until the LEDs are on.

If any of you remember the TV show, Stargate SG-1, this infinity mirror will definitely make you think of it!


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