Today I built a raised garden bed.  I had planned to build one out of redwood until I saw the prices.  Creating a decent sized bed would have been well over $100 just for the wood alone.  At the same visit to Home Depot, I saw that concrete block was only $1.05 per block.  I ended up buying 36 blocks to create my bed.  Each layer is made from 18 blocks.

I had to dig out my yard some for the back section of blocks.  I then laid out my first layer of blocks using a 3 foot long level to make sure they were at least mostly level.  After that I used construction adhesive to attach the second layer of blocks to the first.  I have used the adhesive to hold together some other small walls I made before, and it worked out well.  Once the wall was built I laid 1/2 inch hardware cloth  on the ground to keep gophers out of the bed.

Once I get the dirt in, I plan to plant some Jalapenos, Habeneros, and Bell Peppers in the bed.  With the low price of the block, I should be able to build another bed for this year.

While working on my project, I even got to see a sun halo.  That isn’t something I have seen often here in San Diego.


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  1. pobept

    How did your 16 inch tall(high) raised bed work out. I have a lot of used blocks that I can clean off the old mortar and use.
    Happy Gardening

    1. Joshua

      I think they work great. I have grown some plants with fairly deep root structures and they all did well. The biggest problem is filling them. I do not have good soil in my yard so I have to fill the raised beds entirely with new dirt. This can be expensive and difficult.

  2. Caliche Chick

    Thanks for visiting my post. BTW. I use the same cement blocks for the same reasons. Be sure to cover them top and bottom. Mice and rats think they are great hiding and nesting places. I learned the hard way.

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