Have  you ever written a post out in your head and it was very clever?  But since you aren’t able to get it down on paper (or media) at that very moment, you have to wait. Then, by the time, you are able to sit down and type it out, everything clever you were going to say is gone? Well, this is one of those posts. I’m afraid it will be quite a bit duller than I wanted it to be!

I wanted to do this post as well as two more yesterday but just didn’t have a chance because of some homeschooling lesson planning and prep I had to do. So here it is this morning before I rush off to dress children, cut up veggies for pancit, clean the house, and bake chocolate chip cookies. I think I am going to need those chocolate chip cookies today! My kids will deserve some too since they help me out with cleaning the house. Josh and I have actually fought over who gets to have the kids for the day to help with yard work or housecleaning!

Yesterday was day two for my sourdough starter. I took out half of it and used it to make Queen Elizabeth’s Drop Scones from simplyrecipes for dinner.  By the way, one recipe of these drop scones will not feed seven people. I made bacon and eggs to go with the scones for dinner last night and my kids were still asking for more pancakes! Guess this is a  recipe I always need to double!

The starter’s appearance before I took out half of it.

This was probably the easiest thing I did yesterday. I took out half of the starter and then added in 1 cup of unbleached all-purpose flour and a little more than 1/2 cup of water. I stirred it up until there was no dry flour left. Then set it back in its spot on the counter.

The starter’s appearance after adding the new flour.

I checked on my sourdough starter this morning and it doubled in size! So I guess it is a happy starter.  I am just glad it is still alive!

The starter this morning. Hopefully, Thing 2 stays happy!

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  1. A_Boleyn

    I get bubbles but not doubling. 🙁

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