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Baking Bread: Hawaiian Sweet Bread Part 2

Our bread machine is dead. Well, not all dead, but mostly dead. Josh was making this incredible coconut bread in it the other night. Our breadmaker always makes a lot of noise during the mixing cycle. Usually, we can just leave the breadmaker alone in the kitchen to do its job. Not this time.

There was a lot of ruckus in the kitchen during the mixing cycle. Then… there was a loud crash from the kitchen. The breadmaker had been working so hard and rocking all over that it had fallen off the counter! Some flour ended up on the floor, but that was it for the actual damage to the bread dough. This is the 2nd time the breadmaker has fallen off the counter. After the 1st time, the breadmaker was fine and the bread was salvageable.  This time though was a little different. The dough was still salvageable, but the bread pan would not sit in the breadmaker properly and the lid would not close all the way. So Josh had to babysit the bread machine through the mixing cycle. Fortunately, the bread maker made it through the rest of the cycle without any other mishaps.

The coconut bread loaf collapsed in the middle, but it still tasted really yummy. My kids loved it, and Josh used it to make his lunch. I even liked it and I am not a big fan of coconut. I think it is one he will have to make again.

But it will have to be made from scratch because I think our bread maker is done. Unless we want to stand there and babysit it every time we bake bread in it.

I think it might be a while until we can get a new one. So in the meantime, this means making bread from scratch! It’s a good thing it doesn’t scare me as much as it used to!

I wasn’t very happy with my 1st attempt at making Hawaiian Sweet Bread, so I HAD to try it again. I’m weird that way. If I don’t get something right, I have to try it again until I do.

My 1st loaf of Hawaiian sweet bread collapsed in the middle and was underdone. I was so sad!

This didn’t seem to bother my kids any. The whole loaf was gone in about 2 days. A quick toast in the toaster oven, slather on some peanut butter, and we were good.

Here is my second attempt using the same recipe as the first attempt. This time I made two loaves and only one pan of rolls. My loaves browned a little too much; I like the color of the rolls better. I don’t think the color of the loaves though will deter anyone from eating them. Uh oh, guess I will have to make this again! I haven’t checked if my loaves are done in the middle. I am hoping they are!

Two of the rolls are gone already. Hmm… maybe next time, I should just make the dough into all rolls and call it a day.


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