Today our 11 year old had a home school assignment to make something related to a book he read.  The name of the book is  The Father’s Promise. He chose to make Polish Tea Cookies because “he didn’t want to do any of the other ones.”

He asked Lynn to help him make the cookies.  I figured he would do little of the work, and leave it up to Mommy.  He ended up surprising me and helped quite a bit.  He helped with the mixing of the dough, forming the cookies, and putting jelly on the cookies.

They used 3 kinds of jelly on the Polish tea cookies: grape, red raspberry, and lemon curd.  All of the cookies turned out well and taste good.

I was impressed that my son helped to make the cookies.  I think he is learning well, and I think some of the things we are doing with self-sufficiency and making our own things are rubbing off on him.


This afternoon I pulled up all the carrots and beets I had planted.  The raised bed they were in had been dug up by an animal, my guess is an opossum or raccoon.  I think the animal was looking for the beetle grubs that like to live in there.  I am trying to get rid of the grubs, so I guess the critter is helping me somewhat.  After I took out the plants, I dug up the bed some too and pulled out all the grubs I found.  Hopefully, there are not many more left because I am going to put peppers in that bed and don’t want those dug up.

We look forward to eating the carrots and beet tops. I look forward to eating the beets.  Everybody else will eat the beets only because I make them.


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  1. A_Boleyn

    Beautiful cookies. Well done. A boy who can bake cookies is to be proud of. 🙂

    I’ve never eaten beets though I’d like to buy and cook a few to colour home made pasta with.

  2. Roberta Braley

    I will gladly take beets off your hands to save my grandchikdren fom displeasure. O:-)

  3. Isabelle

    Those are some fat looking carrots, wow!

    1. Joshua

      They are round carrots. If my bed hadn’t been dug up they would have been even fatter in a week.

  4. Anonymous

    Quite the cookies.

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