I wasn’t sure what to title this post at first. And actually, this post won’t be very exciting… so I gave it an unexciting title. At least it gets the job done!

We received our 3rd delivery from Grubmarket on Wednesday and we hit our first snag with this produce delivery company. I had ordered 2 pounds of strawberries but there were no strawberries to be seen in our box! We did get some nice-looking produce though. I only took a few pics of what was in our box this time. There were plenty more than what you will see here in this post!

An heirloom Brandywine tomato. Josh’s tomato plants aren’t producing tomatoes yet, though they are looking great! I am thinking of making a focaccia with this tomato.

Hmm.. this isn’t produce! It’s chocolate! How’d these get in the box?

Blood orange and a gold nugget mandarin. I’ve never heard of a gold nugget mandarin. I usually get the oranges for Josh to take for lunch. I hope it tasted good!

A chioggia beet. These unassuming beets have a really fun interior. They look like candy canes inside!

After going through our box, I emailed Grubmarket about the missing strawberries. In a few hours, I got an email back that they were going to refund what I paid for the strawberries AND give me a $5 Grubmarket credit! Yes, I am sad we didn’t get our strawberries (my kids love them), but Grubmarket went above and beyond what they needed to and definitely kept a customer!


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