The second crate I ordered was a Star Wars Limited Edition Lootcrate. This one was more expensive than the Firefly Cargo Crate, but it also had more items in it.

We won’t be able to use two of the items until wintertime, but that is okay. They are still cool, and they seem to be good quality too!

The items were packed neatly into the Star Wars Lootcrate. The box was yet another nice design so we are keeping it also!

Right on top was this adorable BB-8 3/4-sleeve shirt. I had to get size small because all the x-large sizes were gone. Either Corran or I will wear this shirt.

Isn’t this hat cute? We can’t use it until winter (and possibly not even then!) but it is still neat to have.

Here is Josh modeling the really, really long scarf that came in the crate. Isn’t he a handsome guy?

BB-8 as a mug. I’m not sure how easy it will be to drink out of, but we actually collect coffee mugs, so BB-8 will fit in perfectly!

I didn’t know that they made collectible quality Mr. Potato Heads! This Darth Vader Mr. Potato Head is a lot sturdier than the toys. He is standing beside Jayne Cobb on top of our homeschool bookcase now.

There was also a gadget bag. At first I thought it was a cosmetic or toiletry bag, but I guess gadget bags are a thing now!

A Lootcrate exclusive: Vader Down comic book

I’ve never seen a model like this before. It uses metal sheets instead of wood or cardboard!

The front and back of the full Star Wars Little Golden Book set. The kids aren’t allowed to read them unless we give them permission!

One of the reasons we want to keep the Star Wars box. This image of the Millennium Falcon inside the top cover was gorgeous.


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  1. A_Boleyn

    Great goodies.

    I’m at the clearing out stage of my fandom life. Know anyone who wants a collection of Armageddon movie pins given out as promos at a con I went to that year? It’s the asteroid disaster one starring Bruce Willis. Only one Deep Impact pin … the OTHER asteroid movie released that year. The Canadian asteroid disaster movie ALSO released that year, and starring Callum Keith Rennie called Last Night didn’t do any promos as far as I remember.

    I need to go into the closet where the winter coats are stored and start pulling out rolled out posters that I never got framed and put up and those boxes of collectible cards. Then there are the magazines and the binders of card. I’ve already given some stuff to my nephew but he has his own collection of ‘stuff’ to deal with. ūüôā

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