When I saw Honeycrisp apples on sale for 49 cents a pound (only up to 5 pounds sadly), I had to buy them! I’m pretty sure we could have just eaten them all fresh but I wanted to try dehydrating fruit again and apples would be good practice.

I used information from Don’t Waste the Crumbs since it has been a while.

I think I might have sliced these too thick because it took them almost 8 hours to become even close to crisp. My kids didn’t care that they were a little chewy. About half of them are gone already from snacking!

If my kids will eat it, I count that a success. Next time I see apples on sale though and I decide to dehydrate them, I will be slicing them thinner to get actual apple chips.

While I was putting the baby (he’s almost 2 but he will forever be “the baby!”) down for his nap, Corran baked up some crackers from Melissa K. Norris.

Since I wasn’t around, he did the whole recipe himself. He doubled the recipe but wasn’t able to roll the dough out thin enough on a pizza stone. The crackers were more like savory cookies. None of us cared much though because most of the crackers are gone too! I think he will want to make them again but I’ll hopefully be there to help him next time. I’m still impressed with Corran though for baking them all by himself.

Later, I had Corran bake Jiffy corn muffins to go with dinner. It is so helpful to have a teenager who doesn’t mind helping with the cooking!


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  1. A_Boleyn

    Congratulations on having a second budding cook/baker in the house.

    1. Joshua

      It is great that he is doing it on his own.

  2. Julia

    You can roll crackers on parchment paper an get them really thin. I have read that you can use a pasta roller for crackers as well. I have not tried the pasta roller trick, but I do roll my crackers out on parchment paper and they are very thin and crispy.

    1. Lynn-Marie

      I love parchment paper for rolling out dough. It keeps everything very neat. Next time I will help him with rolling out Cracker dough. I think he needed help with it but I wasn’t able to that time. A pasta roller is a good idea too!

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