Mini Robin Eggs Ice Cream

One of my favorite Easter candies is Robin Eggs, chocolate malted eggs with a candy shell. They are only available at Easter. This vanilla malted ice cream flavor with a Robin Eggs candy mix-in is perfect as an Easter dessert!


Root Beer Syrup

I use simple syrup and root beer extract (or concentrate) to make my root beer syrup. The kids certainly don't seem to mind because every time we make root beer soda, it disappears really, really fast!


Homemade Chocolate Magic Shell

Josh has always loved magic shell on his ice cream and the kids have inherited that love! I like it too but not as much as they do. If you’re a fan of magic shell, you probably know about the kind you can buy at the store.


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Sweet Cream Ice Cream

I made this Sweet Cream Ice Cream as a test, and it turned out to be quite tasty. I was looking for a base to use for other ice cream flavors. This ice cream is good on its own on brownies or with toppings. It is also a good starting point to add your own mix-ins as flavor.