We are at Day Five and it’s still alive! I also have about 3 cups of discarded starter to use, so today I am going to attempt to use the bread machine. The bread probably won’t be very sourdough-y, but maybe it will still taste yummy. Did I just make two of my last sentences rhyme? Hopefully my loaf doesn’t fall, explode, or bake into a hard lump.

Last night, I fed the starter at around 10 PM. It looked like usual. Bubbly, smells a little fruity, etc.

The starter last night before I fed it.

My discard starter container

The starter after taking out more than half of it

The starter after feeding

This morning, I fed it again at around 9:30 AM. It didn’t look as bubbly as it did last night when I fed it. I think that was my fault though. I used cold spring water instead of room temperature or cool spring water. By the way, it was 105 degrees or something ridiculous like that yesterday. Maybe that had something to do with it not being as bubbly. Hopefully, it will revive some today. It is only supposed to get up to the 80s and it might rain.

The starter this morning around 9:30 AM

This time I got it down to less than a cup left in the measuring cup

After feeding the starter. We’ll see how it looks tonight!

Oops, how’d this get in here?

P.S. I am hoping to write up a cheesecake post later today to take a break from the sourdough starter posts. Pictures of goopy dough can only be interesting for so long!

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