What do you do with all the discarded starter you keep in the fridge? Yesterday, I used 2 cups of it to make bread in the bread machine. And it actually worked for me this time. I used the bread machine sourdough bread recipe at King Arthur Flour even though my starter isn’t fully active yet.

The crust is a little scary-looking! The bread was good though. I am going to use it to make lunch for my kids today.

I have more discard starter to use today so I will probably try making pizza crust. My kids have been asking for from-scratch pizza for a few days so today is probably a good day to try it!

Last night, my starter looked a lot happier than it did this morning.

My starter last night at around 9:30 PM.

My starter this morning at around 8:30 AM. Not as many bubbles! Uh oh! It did still double in size though so that is probably a good thing.

I fed it as usual this morning and will check on it in about 4 hours to see if it looks better. What I suspect I might have did wrong: 1) Last night I didn’t measure out the water. I just eyeballed the amount.  2) I discarded more of the starter than usual so maybe there wasn’t as much active yeast left.

The starter after I fed it this morning. Show us what you’re made of, Thing 2!

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