Last night, I decided that my sourdough starter was probably as active as it was going to get. So I put it in the fridge in a new container.  I forgot to feed it though, and believe it or not, this fact kept me up last night. I got up around 11 PM to feed it because I felt guilty. I felt guilty about a starter! Isn’t that weird? I must be attached to it like it’s a pet. I was also up trying to figure out how to use my discard starter and the active starter. I came up with sourdough crumpets and buttery sourdough buns (as a base for cinnamon rolls).

My starter on Wednesday morning (Day Seven) before I fed it.

The starter after its Wednesday morning feeding.

Wednesday night, my starter had rivulets in it and a combination of large bubbles and smaller bubbles.

In the previous pic, my sourdough starter looks pretty close to what the King Arthur Flour website has for Day Seven. So now I am switching to maintenance. I gave the starter a new home in a different container and put it in the fridge.

This is a plastic container. Glass is probably better. I may go out today and buy something that will work.

Today, I am hoping to make the crumpets and store them in the freezer. I also would like to make the cinnamon roll dough. We will see if I get to both! It’s a test and quiz day for homeschooling and those are always a lot of fun!

The next Kitchen Experiment I want to do is cold-brew coffee. I think we are going to need a bigger fridge!

EDIT: It looks like crumpets and cinnamon rolls will have to wait until tomorrow. My kids will need my help this afternoon with school stuff so I won’t have time. But… I am giving them the day off from school tomorrow so I should have plenty of time then to do as much baking as I want! A note about the crumpets: I am not going to use any forms when cooking them. They will be free-form, which means they will probably be closer to English muffins in shape than crumpets.

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  1. A_Boleyn

    I happened to see a link for your sourdough starter (wow, you made this 5 yrs ago) and decided to see what kinds of sourdough bread you’d made with it. Couldn’t find any posts so I wondered whatever happened to your starter.

    1. Lynn-Marie

      Yes! That was a long time ago. I think I ended up making only one or two loaves with that starter and they weren’t pretty so I never posted about them. I think most of my uses went to crackers, quick bread, waffles, or pancakes.

      I have a current starter in the fridge but have used it only twice for bread (both times it collapsed in the breadmaker). I’ve had more luck with it in breadsticks and pizza dough. I want to make a sourdough loaf by hand but haven’t had a chance yet.

      1. A_Boleyn

        I mostly use my sourdough starter for flour tortillas. I was bored recently and even though I have a perfectly good sd starter, I used up all the live starter and am counting on the dried stuff in the pantry for when I want to get it going again. And then a couple of days later decided to try a ‘new’ rye starter recipe. I baked bread 7 days later. One of these days, I should really post something. It’s been about 5 months. 🙂

        1. Lynn-Marie

          You should post for sure! I always enjoy reading your posts.

          My kids have recently discovered the wonder of homemade tortillas. We currently have storebought but they don’t like them as much as homemade. Do you have any hints on rolling them out?

          1. A_Boleyn

            Go easy on the flour and be patient. Roll up and down from the middle. Rotate 90 deg and roll up and down. Repeat. Do your best to get them round but don’t stress about it.

            I don’t have a lot of counter space but wouldn’t recommend rolling more than one ahead of time so while I’m frying one (I set a timer so I know when to flip), I roll the 2nd. They get soggy/stick to the rolling surface as they sit and deform so you can’t pick them up. You only need about 1min 15 sec at medium on the first side and about a minute on the 2nd. They keep cooking as they sit so don’t over cook or they’ll go crisp.

          2. Lynn-Marie

            Thank you so much for the tips! I will definitely take them to heart and use them. I like the taste of homemade tortillas also but I don’t really like how long it takes me to make them. Do you think I can make and cook a bunch at a time and then keep the leftovers in the fridge for a few days? I think the problem I have though is that even when I make a lot, well, there aren’t many leftovers!

          3. A_Boleyn

            Yes, you can certainly keep them in the fridge in a sealed freezer bag.I usually freeze the cooked flour tortillas and take out 2 at a time to make quesadillas or for pizza bases … but then I’m only cooking for one. 🙂

  2. Lynn-Marie

    Right now I try to feed my starter once a week or two weeks. My last bake with it was breadsticks that my kids really liked!

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