A little over two years ago, I planted my almond tree.  I have fond memories of fresh almonds off a tree at a house my family rented when I was a child.  Since I have some space I knew I wanted to have an almond tree in yard.

Last year the tree had some beautiful flowers, but they all dropped without leaving almonds.  This year the tree had many flowers. Most of them fell off, but three turned into almonds.  I have been watching those almonds develop over the last few months, and today I noticed one had fallen off of the tree.  I took this as a sign that they were ripe and picked the other two.

My three almonds
Removing the shell
A small almond appears
Only shells are left

I ate one of the almonds, gave one to my wife, and split one for my oldest sons.  The almond was very good.  Sadly, I have to wait until next year for more, but maybe there will be many more this time.


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  1. A_Boleyn

    Three almonds … reminds me of the year I tried to grown tomatoes and I got ONE tomato from the plant. Good luck for next year.

    1. Lynn-Marie

      Josh had a few tomato plants that did that last year. I guess they didn’t really like where they were. 🙁

  2. nysiashomestead

    That is awesome!!! Yes, almond trees take several years (5ish) to produce a truly decent harvest. They could have already been a year or 2 old when you bought them. Keep watering. Let us know what next year’s harvest looks like.

    1. Lynn-Marie

      Josh has planted a few trees that we aren’t expecting too much out of for a few more years at least. The almonds were delicious! I’m sure that a good harvest will be worth the wait!

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