Yes, it is yet another Bundt Cake post! I promise that my next baking post will be about something different (Macarons.. are those different?). I know that I said in my Key Lime-Mint Bundt Cake post that I wasn’t too thrilled with this cake, but it could be that I just wasn’t in the mood for chocolate that day. The important thing about this recipe is that my family loved it, and it was gone in two days. I usually know that a recipe is good if it doesn’t last very long at my house. In this case, I let my kids eat this cake for breakfast… I know, this cake isn’t for breakfast, Lynn, what are you thinking!? Here’s my reasoning: We eat those huge chocolate muffins from Costco… eating chocolate cake for breakfast isn’t any different, right?

I am not a fan of cereal in general. I do love Quaker Oatmeal Squares, but it is so rarely on sale that we don’t always have it around.  The day after I made this cake, I just didn’t want cereal… So let them eat cake it is! Don’t let my kids tell you about the time they had candy for dinner (Josh was deployed…) or the time they had ice cream for dinner (hmm… that also might have been when Josh was deployed). But you know what? They still talk about those “dinners!” It’s funny what kids remember.

Today’s cake comes courtesy of Corran, my oldest, who requests chocolate in almost everything I bake, like the cinnamon rolls I made today. Sorry, Corran, I didn’t put chocolate in the cinnamon rolls.

Here are the recipes I used:

The Best Chocolate Bundt Cake at Inquiring Chef

Chocolate Glaze That Hardens

This time I dusted my bundt pan with cocoa powder instead of flour. This worked a lot better than I thought it would. You will see why I say this in a few pictures.

The chocolate cake batter was very liquid-y (is that a word?). I think I’ve gotten too used to the sponge cakes I’ve been making lately; they have such a thick batter.  The pictures of the batter at the recipe site don’t look quite as runny as my batter does, so maybe I did something wrong. It still baked up fine though.

The cake finished up huge! I’m so so glad it didn’t overflow onto the bottom of my oven. I might need to get out my old, beat-up bundt pan the next time I make this. I think that one has a 12-cup capacity.

It is not obvious from the above picture… but see the cooling rack? The cake was supposed to be on the cooling rack for this picture. But when I flipped the rack and the pan over, I wasn’t expecting the cake to fall out so fast and it landed on the worktable instead. So the cocoa powder worked great. I’m glad the cake didn’t land on the floor! And that it stayed mostly in one piece. What you don’t see in this picture: Children rushing into the kitchen to eat chocolate cake crumbs off the worktable. Um.. Kids, if you wait until after dinner, you can have a whole slice…

I think the chocolate glaze I used for this cake is supposed to be the fast version of a boiled chocolate icing. It worked great and hardened perfectly. If I ever make donuts (which my kids have requested numerous times), I will use this icing on them! The donuts, not the kids.

I globbedy-gooked the icing onto the cake, and I let my kids pick the completely unnecessary sprinkles to go on this cake. And of course, they chose chocolate!

I actually remembered to take a picture of a slice this time! I think the cake could have used a few more minutes in the oven, but at least it wasn’t totally underbaked. It was definitely moist and definitely chocolatey. And definitely got eaten up like lightning.


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  1. A_Boleyn

    Great looking cake. I can see why you’re using your new bundt pan so often.

    Sometimes you’re just not in the mood for chocolate … and sometimes you ARE. I’m unlikely to bake any cakes (bundt or otherwise) in the near future but a batch of cupcakes using the recipe may very well result. Or even a sheet cake iced and cut into bars if I ever have a big group to bake for. 🙂

    1. Lynn-Marie

      I made some mini-chocolate cakes yesterday that were lovely! I could end up writing about those next instead of lavender macarons. It’s the first time I was mostly successful at making a cake without baking powder.

      1. A_Boleyn

        I didn’t realize these were made without baking powder. Is that an issue?

        I’d like to see your mini cakes. One day, I’m going to make macarons again but, honestly, it’s cause of the challenge not because of the taste. In fact, I’d like to make some florentines again … maybe just using rolled oats instead of the finely chopped almonds. And some dried cranberries for sweetness and colour. I would roll them up into straws like the piroulines coated with chocolate you can buy in a tin.

        1. Lynn-Marie

          This particular cake does have baking powder but the recipe I used yesterday for the mini cakes did not. I will post about those soon since I used an interesting set of tins for them. I’m planning on making your small batch cream puffs on Friday 🙂

  2. Lynn-Marie

    Thank you! I’ll be sure to look at the slideshow. Pictures are very good for me when I’m trying something new!

  3. Traci Wennerholm

    Your cake looks amazing and so delicious! I need a fork STAT! 🙂
    I’m glad that the glaze worked well for you. It’s one of my favorites–I’m lazy and hate boiling water so I love using this recipe!

    1. Lynn-Marie

      I’m sorry I never replied to this, Traci! We weren’t live yet with the site so I missed your comment.? I think I’m going to give this chocolate cake another try soon and will definitely be using the glaze again!

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