One our neighbors used to have a lot of chickens. I think they had well over 50, which is a huge number on a quarter acre suburban lot. Sometime around the beginning of December, they seem to have gotten rid of the chickens. Three of the chickens somehow ended up running loose. They lived in another neighbors yard, but came into ours to eat. Unfortunately, that means they ate some small plants I had in my garden.

Off and on my boys and I would try to catch the chickens. However, they were usually just a little bit to fast for us. Eventually, the three chickens became one, I don’t know what happened to the other two. She was friendly, but would jump our fence if she thought we were going to try and catch her. Finally, last week we were able to trap her in a spot between our shed and fence with a lemon tree over the top. I used a laundry basket to catch her.

Several months ago, a friend gave us a small chicken coop that they didn’t want. I had slowly been preparing the coop for chickens to live in. Mostly I had to level a spot in our yard for the coop while trying to keep decent drainage. Thankfully, I had the coop ready when we caught the chicken.

Our children have decided that we name our animals after foods. Since the chicken is dark, they named her Truffle.

From her markings I believe she is an Australorp. The hens are mostly black, but have purple and green iridescence when seen in the sun.

She has been a good egg layer in the week and a half we have had her. So far she has laid 7 eggs. At one point she laid 6 days in a row. Her eggs are a light brown color, they can almost seem pink at times.

She is a social bird. When we come near the coop she comes to the edge, and will sometimes talk to us. I think our next step is to buy a couple more chickens to give her friends. Of course, more eggs wouldn’t be bad either.


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  1. A_Boleyn

    Truffle looks like she’s a nice addition to your homestead. I hope there isn’t a fox, coyote or other predator around to account for the loss of the other 2 feathery escapees. Are you planning to get a rooster too?

    1. Joshua

      There are coyotes in our area. I saw one in our yard a few years ago. So that is a definite possibility. Not sure about a rooster, our coop can probably only hold 3-4 chickens. Maybe if I expand it.

      1. A_Boleyn

        I was just wondering if you wanted those early morning ‘wake up’ calls. 🙂

        It looked like there was an open spot under the door of the coop. Are you planning to block it off at night?

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