Yesterday, I posted our 300th blog post and didn’t realize it until the afternoon! Thank you to everyone who has been with us since the beginning and thank you to those who have joined us recently. We are hoping to regularly post now that we are settled into our new home. I know that 300 posts really isn’t much for a 4 year old blog but it’s still good to celebrate the milestones, right?

So this is one of those kind of silly, filler posts. But hopefully it will still be fun!

My fourth child, Rhys, had an assignment a few days ago in his science class to make a dinosaur out of pasta. Now, this is one of those fun crafts that I knew the other kids would be interested in! So when I prepared the materials, I made sure to prepare enough for four of the kids to make a picture. Corran’s too old for pasta pictures and Gavin is too young and would just try to eat the uncooked pasta. Yuck!

Pasta pictures is a school craft that most moms and dads know about but I’ll list materials anyway. It’s definitely one of those crafts that you already have most everything you need already! I had three types of pasta and was wishing I had elbow macaroni for them to use, but the kids worked with what I had.

  • Pasta, the more shapes and sizes the better
  • White glue, the squeeze bottle type probably works best
  • Cardstock, since it’s stiffer than construction paper, it holds up better to the weight; cardboard would also work
  • Imagination (does anyone else hear Spongebob’s voice when they think of the word “imagination?” No, it’s just me? I’m weird I guess. Or I have kids who like Spongebob.)

While Rhys was busy making his dinosaur, Thias and Ian came over, interested in what he was doing. And my instincts were correct!

Thias and Ian noticed there were enough materials for them to make a picture too. So that’s what they did. I didn’t even need to prompt them.

Thias and Ian were just making a picture for fun so their creations were a bit random.

Ian made a house. In retrospect, perhaps yellow was not a good choice for one of the colors I put out. Surprisingly, this house is not haunted or inhabited by zombies or skeletons.

Thias made a square Brock from Pokémon. I’m not sure why he decided to pick on Brock. At first, I thought it was Spongebob.

Gwen was still doing school while the boys were making their pasta pictures. I made sure to leave a piece of cardstock, white glue, and pasta out though for her. Sure enough, after she was finished with school, she wandered into the kitchen, saw the art supplies on the island, and said, “What are these for, Mommy?” So I told her and her face lit up and she went to work.

Kitchen islands are great art stations by the way. That is, when I’m not using them for a baking project!

Gwen made a pasta cat. I was really impressed by the detail on her kitty! She was a little bit annoyed that she had to glue all those pieces down but she kept at it and did a great job!

I am wondering now if Pasta Cat needs to be framed and go on a wall in the kitchen. It’s not a palindrome but I still think it’s pretty neat!