It’s the Christmas season! That means Christmas-themed LEGO Challenges for the month of December. We will be doing a Christmas LEGO Challenge once a week this month. If you decide to do these along with us, we’d love to see your pictures, whether it’s here or on Facebook! Let’s play!

Ian’s snowman build is very much Ian. He built a microscale city (with green buildings because they painted them that way) with a giant snowman attacking it. Is anyone else getting flashbacks to the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters? This snowman is not quite so jolly-looking though!

Matthias’s snowman is reminiscent of a LEGO Brickhead. He’s cute but he’s missing a nose! Poor snowman! I hope he finds it.

Oh, there’s his nose!

Rhys built a snowman with a very large hat. At first, when I was taking pictures of it, I thought it looked like a cat holding up a very large rock. But no, it’s a snowman.

Smile, everyone, and say 32 degrees. Brrrrr….

Now, it’s your turn! Go ahead, kids, be creative!

-Lynn, Rhys, Ian, and Matthias

Be geeky with us!