A few years ago, we subscribed to LEGO Booster Bricks but we weren’t able to keep subscribing because of the cost. I would consider subscribing again, once I think we can financially. My kids really enjoyed the subscription because of the interesting pieces and minifigures that would come in the boxes. A few of the LEGO pieces were rare, hard to find, or in order to get that piece or minifigure you would have to buy a set.

When Booster Bricks-affiliated The Minifig Club put out their end of the year Mega Mystery Minifigure pack sale in December 2019, I bought one for the kids since we could not subscribe this year. Yesterday, the pack finally arrived in the mail. I had been wondering when they would ship out and was glad to get the shipping notification. My kids had been asking about it!

I’ll be honest. When the pack came in a small padded envelope, I was kind of thinking, “That’s it?” I wasn’t the only one. My kids were thinking the same thing! But I sometimes forget how small LEGO pieces are and that a lot of them don’t take up a lot of space.

Here are some pictures and explanations of the LEGO minifigures and pieces we received:

Here is a picture of the pieces all together. At first, I wasn’t sure if these were worth $44, but once we started putting them together, I think we ended up with about 20 complete minifigures. Since each minifigure would probably be at least $4-$5 separately, that would come out to the $100 that they claimed the pack would be worth.

Not all of the minifigures are in the pictures above, but these were the main ones we got in our LEGO Booster Bricks Mystery Minifigure pack.

These are all the helmets we received. Most of them are Star Wars themed. There were also two hoods that would be good for Jedi and some hair pieces.

These are the back accessories we received. For some reason, the tan open sack piece was in a gold bag. I guess it might be rare? Though the kids told me we got one in our LEGO City advent calendar. Most of the bandanas ended up ninjas.

We also got two fun surfboards. Rhys claimed the Mandalorian helmet, made a minifigure to go with it, and then gave him a surfboard. What do you think? Will Mando (in The Mandalorian) ever go surfing?

I do wish that there had been a few more accessories for the minifigures’ hands, like maybe more blasters or household items like a broom, a camera, food, etc.

This was probably my favorite piece. I knew it was Mandalorian when I saw it, but my kids knew right away exactly what set it was from and where in the Star Wars timeline. It’s from the LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian Speeder (75022) set, during the Clone Wars TV series, from when Darth Maul was the leader of the tribe Death Watch. I don’t know how my kids remember things like this! It’s too bad we don’t have the rest of that minifigure!

I also got the kids the LEGO Booster Bricks Mega Mystery Box. I will be posting about that once it comes in the mail!


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