Booster Bricks Mega Mystery Box

Pictures of what we received in our Booster Bricks Mega Mystery Box. We wished there had been more variety to the pieces, but still will be a good addition to our LEGO collection. I would not buy this particular deal again though.

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A surfing Mandalorian

LEGO Booster Bricks Mega Mystery Minifigure Pack

A few years ago, we subscribed to LEGO Booster Bricks but we weren’t able to keep subscribing because of the cost. I would consider subscribing again, once I think we can financially. My kids really enjoyed the subscription because of the interesting pieces and minifigures that would come in the boxes. A few of the LEGO pieces were rare, hard to find, or in order to get that piece or minifigure you would have to buy a set.

When Booster Bricks-affiliated The Minifig Club put out their end of the year Mega Mystery Minifigure pack sale in December 2019, I bought one for the kids since we could not subscribe this year. Yesterday, the pack finally arrived in the mail. I had been wondering when they would ship out and was glad to get the shipping notification. My kids had been asking about it!

I’ll be honest. When the pack came in a small padded envelope, I was kind of thinking, “That’s it?” I wasn’t the only one. My kids were thinking the same thing! But I sometimes forget how small LEGO pieces are and that a lot of them don’t take up a lot of space.


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