We have done this challenge before, but it was way back in 2016. That was back when the kids were kind of young to do anything too complicated. Now that they’re older, they’ve learned quite a few building techniques that they didn’t know before.

Today’s LEGO Challenge was to build a monster. Three of our kids really did a great job with this and all three are so different but equally awesome.

This was kind of a no rules no limit LEGO Challenge. We just wanted them to build something out of their stashes of LEGO from sets in their rooms (that hardly get built with because they aren’t out in the common area with all the normal LEGO blocks).

Since we told them to use their own stashes of LEGO (and as a result, lots of interesting and unique pieces), the kids came up with some really fun builds.

Rhys built a diamond-shaped monster with a large wheel for its eye, a sword/shield combo in one hand, and a gun in the other. Most of these pieces are from his Black Knight LEGO set (NEXO Knights). The large wheel is from LEGO Ninjago Movie Piranha Attack. The large wheel is attached to the monster with a plastic tube from a glowstick pack since he couldn’t find an axle and it spins using a star-shaped piece on the back. We will call it The Cyclops Knight.

Ian built a monster using Bionicle pieces from Skull Scorpio, pieces from his Titanium Ninja Tumbler set, pieces from his Ninjacopter set, pieces from Green Ninja Mech Dragon, pieces from Ice Tank, and pieces from Titan Mech Battle. Ian keeps all his LEGO set pieces in one bin (or a few more than one) so he pulled one out and built his monster using quite a hodge-podge of pieces. His monster is holding a shield and a gunsword with a dragonhead on the back. We will call it The Dragon Blaster.

Matthias built a monster using pieces from his Manta Ray Bomber set and the LEGO Ninjago Flying Jelly Sub set. The orange chains are drool dripping from the monster’s fangs. Matthias says he was trying to make a jawless fish monster. I think he succeeded. It has very tiny pistols in its hands. We will call it The Dreel.

After building their individual monsters, I had the boys set up the monsters to attack. They ended up having the monsters attacking civilian minifigures with no hero to save them. Very sad.

Watch out for their death stares!

The Dragon Blaster is coming for you.

I feel bad for the shark guy running away from the Dreel. And for the guy being sliced by Cyclops Knight’s sword/shield.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what the boys built for this LEGO Challenge! And that it will inspire your kids to build their own LEGO monsters! You can never play too much LEGO.


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