Peckachu! Our Easter Egger hen started laying on June 18th and has been laying almost one egg a day since then. She is about 19 weeks old.

A picture of Peckachu from a month ago today.

Her eggs have been very little so far, but they taste delicious! Gwen and I each had a fried egg at lunch yesterday.

Peckachu’s first egg beside a storebought egg

It looks like Peckachu is probably an Olive Egger since her eggs have a greenish tinge to them. So far, I’ve had a hard time capturing the color with my camera, but it’s very obvious when you see them in person!

What could be prettier than fresh eggs in a homemade basket! We love these baskets from 1840 Farm and I’ve ordered two more for our kitchen and egg-gathering from their mercantile shop.

I’m hopeful that some of our other hens will begin laying soon too! Then, I can stop buying eggs from the grocery store, and we can use fresh eggs until wintertime.


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