We currently have two bunnies as part of our hobby farm, a white mini-Rex named Tofu and a white and brown Holland lop named Mochi. They live in a bunny hutch in the side yard and have really been a fun experience for us. Our son, Corran, all of 11 years old and 5 feet tall already, feeds them every morning, though our son, Matthias, who is 8 years old and adores all animals, will go see them just because. Tofu loves anything new and exciting, while Mochi takes a bit to warm up to anything new, food or toy-wise, that enters her hutch.

Mochi soon after we first bought her.
Mochi – 6 months old. Mochi is our calm, sweet bunny who likes to be petted and has soulful brown eyes.
Tofu – now 6 months old – is our fun, crazy bunny. She loves to hop around her cage, sniff anything new, and devours carrot tops whenever we give them to her.

Josh has started clearing a corner of the yard to build a chicken coop.  They will be our next hobby farm animal project! With the price of eggs escalating and most likely not recovering for another year or two, we look forward to collecting eggs from our own hens.  However, we have read that once you get chickens it is like owning Pokemon: You have to collect them all!


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