Spring is my favorite time of year.  All the plants are starting to grow like crazy, and the sun is shining but not overly hot yet.  Living in San Diego County, our spring is a bit different.  Today, the temperature were already in the low 80s.  With a lot of sun and good temperatures I have many plants growing.  I like to document the growth of the plants for my own enjoyment as much as showing them to other people.

I am going to attempt to put up garden pictures every Wednesday and title the posts Wednesday in the garden.  Some of them may be taken on other days, but doing one day of pictures is better then a barrage all the time.

My pomegranate tree has tripled in size since I bought it. It really likes our warm dry weather.

For me one of the scents of spring in our area is Jasmine.  It is another plant that does really well in our climate, so many people grow them.  Mine is doing well, and getting close to covering the wall I have it growing up.

The California Poppies continue to flourish.

This Creeping Black Sage is my first native plant to start to grow and flourish.  It has done well with the extra rain we got this year.  One of my long term goals is to fill my yard with native plants to attract bees and humming birds.

My newly planted apple tree has blossoms though I don’t expect any fruit.  I just think the flowers look nice.

Last year I got 3 almonds from my tree in its second year in my yard.  This year looks to be a much better year.  I was able to count over 20 almonds growing on the tree right now.

This poor little blood orange has been in the ground for 3 years, but has been been eaten twice in that time.  However, it keeps on trying to grow.  This year it seems pretty happy and is trying to put out some oranges.

The raised garden beds I planted with my sons last week have many plants sprouting.  I hope all of them do well.  Some of them like cooler weather, but I let the boys plant what they wanted so they would enjoy the process.

Carrot sprouts
Beet sprouts
Madhu Ras melons and beet sprouts
Madhu Ras Melons in foreground, beets in background
Cauliflower, carrots, beets, and corn seedlings
Cauliflower on left, carrots in middle, beets on right, corn in the back
Cauliflower and corn seedlings
Cauliflower and corn
Carrot sprouts
Many carrots sprouting
Marigold, beet, and corn seedlings
Marigold, beets, and corn
Corn and dill sprouting
Dill and corn.  The orange things are from the neighbors pine tree
Cilantro and corn sprouting
Cilantro and Corn

I hope that anyone that reads this enjoys the pictures, and that your garden adventures are going well.


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  1. Padmaja Kulkarni

    I liked the way you have structured this post.. and also the idea of posting a pic every Wed… speaking of Jasmine, I have various types blooming in my garden at Pune,India! Summer has just started here and plants which thrive in warm weather are really giving a lot of yield… follow my blog to see whats blooming in my garden at Pune!

    1. Joshua

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

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