Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, and I told Josh that instead of making him a cake, I would make him jasmine macarons, which he has been wanting me to make for a while! These macarons were a little bit trickier than I was expecting though! Having learned my lesson with my double chocolate macarons, I stayed with my usual recipe.

Since the flavoring for these macarons came in the form of jasmine syrup, I had to figure out the proportions for the hot sugar syrup as best I could. I think I came close, but the texture and rise of the macaron shells was a little bit off.

I was a little less timid with my food coloring this time. In this first stage, I used 13 drops of red gel food coloring and 2 drops of blue.

For my Italian meringue stage, I used 1/3 cup of jasmine syrup and 180 g of granulated sugar in the hot sugar syrup.

Scraping the Italian meringue into the almond flour/egg white mixture.
The batter ended up being a little bit runnier than I’m used to. I think this might be because I used 1/3 cup of jasmine syrup instead of 1/4 cup. At this point I added 3 more drops of red gel food coloring to brighten the pink up.

When I piped out my 1½ inch rounds, they spread out a little more as well. Fortunately, they did still form that crucial crust after sitting for about half an hour.

The feet disappeared after the halfway through rotation of the baking sheet. They are still there, just not as visible as usual.

For the filling, I just made a standard vanilla buttercream. I didn’t want to make anything with so much flavor that it would overwhelm the jasmine flavor. Josh is a huge fan of buttercream and he asked me to make more than I needed for the macarons.

Confession: I seriously did not think I would like these macarons. While I was making them, the smell of the jasmine syrup was making me feel quite nauseous. Josh told me it smelled like jasmine, but the scent to me smelled like lilies (the scent of lilies gives me  a headache and actually makes me feel sick) instead of jasmine!  I’m not sure why this was the case, but being in the kitchen while working with the syrup was not a pleasant experience for me.

These jasmine macarons did end up looking pretty. When I tried one the next day, I could not taste the jasmine anymore, though the macarons do have a “floral” flavor to them. I am not sure if someone who was eating them would be able to tell that they were a floral-flavored macaron though. All my kids like them and Josh likes them, so that is what counts!


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  1. A_Boleyn

    I’m not a fan of floral syrups so I can relate to your issues with the jasmine … still, they look very nice and the rest of your family enjoyed them so that’s what matters. Maybe I’ll make macarons soon as well. (I keep saying I will and then putting it off. It’s just been that sort of week/month.)

    1. Lynn-Marie

      Macarons are so hard to find time to make! These last two types I have made only because my family requested them specifically. And very true, they made my family happy so that is what counts!

      1. A_Boleyn

        I’ve tried to stop posting/mentioning that I’m going to make stuff cause when I don’t it can be embarrassing. Like the red pepper falafel that I’m going to make today. (You DIDN’T read that, by the way.) 🙂

    1. Lynn-Marie

      Thank you! They taste very sweet and the floral flavor is subtle. That might be a good thing though.

  2. Sari

    They look absolutely wonderful! To be honest I’ve tried them once and didn’t work out :/! How do you know how long you need to mix the whites to make sure you’re not under or over mixing it?

    1. Lynn-Marie

      It is a little hard to tell. I usually keep mixing until the batter falls like lava off the spatula in a “v.” However, I did try a recipe that did not use hot sugar syrup once, and even though the batter fell in a “v,” those macarons didn’t turn out! So I’m going to stick with the hot sugar syrup method I think 🙂

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