I didn’t originally plan to write a blog post about chocolate, but I thought about mentioning a particular brand I buy in my mocha macaron post and then realized.. “Hey! Why not write a post about it?” So here it is!

About 6 months ago or more, Josh and I were at the Little Italy Farmer’s Market in downtown San Diego and we ran across a vendor called Nibble that was selling single-origin chocolate made with only organic cocoa beans and organic cane sugar. Now before tasting this chocolate, I wasn’t very picky about the chocolate I ate. And now because of this chocolate, I am very picky! I think I mentioned this vendor in a previous post about the Little Italy Farmer’s Market.

Their chocolate lasted me a few months! And when I ran out, I wanted to buy more. Fortunately, that opportunity came a few months ago when a friend of mine was in town and my children and I took her to Old Town San Diego for a day. I love Old Town! It’s a great day trip and it’s fun for kids and adults to visit! I hadn’t been there in a while and we were walking through one of the shop areas and there was a Nibble store there! Of course, we had to stop in and I was able to buy a new four bar flight of chocolate. My kids love Nibble chocolate also (they prefer very dark chocolate over semi-sweet or milk), but I don’t usually share. I know, I’m a mean mom. I let them try a few of the samples at the store though. Maybe for Christmas, I’ll buy them their own jar of the Nibblelitos.

I’d love to bake with this chocolate but it is too expensive for baking with, so I use Guittard extra dark chocolate chips if I can get them on sale. I also buy Ghirardelli chocolate bars for baking, also when they are on sale. I’ve thought of trying Scharffenberger, but I’m not sure I’m ready to pay that much for baking chocolate yet. Probably soon! There is Valrhona chocolate, but that is even more expensive. Maybe some time I will do a comparison bake using each kind in chocolate chip cookies. Now, that would be a fun bake! My kids would love it! Chocolate chip cookies for four days straight!

Nibble chocolate is what I eat when I need a chocolate fix (which is almost every day!) Usually, one square will do it, which is why four boxes lasts me a long time!


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  1. themomfred

    My daughter is the same. The one square of dark chocolate is her treat for the day, and she doesn’t share with her kids either. It is interesting that she purchases her special stash through Amazon, and it comes delivered in a cold box. Prime has changed our habits for sure.

    1. Lynn-Marie

      Yes, it is my treat as well 🙂 I will have to look into Amazon for chocolate also! We love Amazon Prime in our house!

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