I figured this flower is pretty enough for its own post.

It is called a Black King Pansy.  I bought the seeds at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  This is the first time that I have grown pansies from seeds, and this flower is well worth the effort.


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    1. Joshua

      They are one of mine too

  1. thewritesteph.com

    Hi Joshua, this is such a beautiful flower. Do you think it will last well into the summer?

    1. Joshua

      I would be surprised if we have flowers in the summer. It often gets up near 100 degrees here. I just hope to keep the plants alive through the summer.

      1. thewritesteph.com

        We live in north Alabama. I don’t remember the climate that summer…I’m sure it was hot and humid…but one year I had a couple to last until June, and I actually have had a couple come back the next year. Woohoo!

  2. E.C.

    I’ve never seen a black pansy. You captured it’s beauty wonderfully.

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