The Lego Challenge for this week from Gather Love Grow was to build a flag.  It was supposed to be a flag to represent your own country.  I am not sure most of my boys quite got that, but they did make flags.

So the 12 year old made a mushroom flag.  He says it is like the mushroom in Mario Bros.  When I asked him why he made a mushroom flag, he said “I started making it and it looked like a mushroom.”  That totally sounds like him.

The 9 year old built a brown cat flag.  This fits him well since he has a tattered stuffed brown cat, named Brownie, that he loves.  Brownie has seen better days, but is still loved very much.  He ends up in many stories and pictures during school.

The 7 year old says his flag is a Pokemon flag, though I have no idea why.

Thanks to Isabelle for another fun Lego Challenge.


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  1. Isabelle

    Fun! I love how creative your kids were with their flags. Great job!

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