This week started with a pretty good rain storm. We ended up getting around .7 inches of rain. That is a pretty good amount at once in the desert. The rain doesn’t soak in well here so we had quite a bit of standing water.

We get interesting clouds sometimes when it rains. This one I saw while I was at our local gas station.

Lynn and the kids were out of town so I decided to work on our greenhouse. We inherited a decrepit greenhouse when we bought our house. The frame is in good condition, and is bolted to a cement foundation. All the plastic panels were broken though. We had a couple of hail storms that broke them even worse.

I always forget to take pictures before I start my work. Those were taken after I had cleaned up some trash, rocks and pavers around the greenhouse. Also I was already half done with the plastic removal.

Now that the plastic panels are removed, I am ready to put some new plastic up. I think I am going to use the poly sheeting and see if it holds up to our weather.

I also worked a little on moving some cacti. I am setting up a playground near the greenhouse. There are cacti in the area that I am worried our youngest will run into. He turns 2 this month and runs around like a little tank. I don’t need any tank babies running into a cactus.

I am happy to finally get some of these projects done.


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