Josh didn’t want to post about this but I thought it was still worth at least a short post.

There was a smoker at Sam’s Club about a month ago for $299.

Masterbuilt Pellet Grill at Sam’s Club

I told Josh about it because I knew he wanted one. He said it wasn’t quite what he was looking for so we both forgot about it. Then he saw it on clearance for $199. That was too good a price to pass up so we bought it. It’s Josh’s Christmas, birthday, and anniversary present. Josh’s birthday is in the first week of January (he’s going to be 40!) and our wedding anniversary is the day after (18 years!)

This past Saturday he smoked pork chops, chicken drumsticks, asparagus, and stuffed mushrooms for lunch since the kitchen was overtaken by cookies, so many cookies.

This was just a practice smoke so we didn’t take many pictures. The pork chops turned out the best with a smoke ring.

Josh is planning to smoke pork spareribs for Christmas dinner. If he can find the time to run by Costco before Christmas to buy some! It’s probably going to be busy there this week, just a little.

As a fall-back plan, I do have a ham in the fridge he can smoke for us instead. It was such a good price I couldn’t resist buying it. And you can never have too many ham bones to make soup!


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  1. A_Boleyn

    Great present esp at the discounted price. Happy Birthday, Josh and Happy Anniversary to the two of you.

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