Today’s Lego Challenge from Gather Love Grow was to build a birthday cake.  Again each of our children took a little different course when building the cake.  They all made smallish cakes, but each one looked different.

Our 11 year old made a very small cake decorated with a mini minion.

Our 8 year old used a Legoland piece, and has fire on his candles. He thinks his cake looks like a castle.

Our 6 year old made a cake for somebody turning 2. It is lemon, strawberry, blueberry, and chocolate flavored.

Our 4 year old built the tallest cake. It started small, but he kept taking it away and making it taller.

Our 2 year old wanted to get involved with this one. She even got some pink into her cake.

Thanks again to Isabelle at Gather Love Grow for another fun Lego Challenge.


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  1. A_Boleyn

    I like them all … wonder what they’d do with a sheet cake, a bucket of frosting and a butter knife. 🙂

    1. Joshua

      Try to put as little frosting on the cake as possible so they could eat “leftover” frosting.

      1. A_Boleyn

        So funny. I would have assumed they’d slather the frosting on their creations. 🙂

        1. Lynn-Marie

          Actually that would make an interesting project! I might do that sometime soon. I can bake a sheet cake and then cut that into smaller rectangles for each to decorate.

          1. A_Boleyn

            I’d give each of them a sheet of paper cut to the size of cake they will get and tell them they have to PLAN before cutting the cake cause, with cake, there is no changing your mind. 🙂 You must pre-approve before they get to actually cut their piece up.

            On the plus side, if you get lots of crumbs due to ‘fails’, you can always combine them with the frosting and make cake ‘pops’ on lollipop sticks and roll them in candy shot.


  2. Isabelle

    Lookin’ good! I especially LOVE the minion. He’s awesome! 😉

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