Today’s Lego Challenge from Gather Love Grow was to Build Your Name. We finished school on Friday (Hooray!) so we were able to do the Lego Challenge earlier in the day today. And then we did something crazy and tried to finish a Lego Mindstorms project in one day. I’ll be writing about that in another post!

Our oldest decided to build his name on a few baseplates

It is interesting to me how each child built their name so differently. Only one of my boys decided to build his name in true 3D.

My middle child built his name the way I expected my other boys to do it! He also decided that it would be fun to build his name in Braille, which I thought was really neat!

My middle child helped my youngest boy build his name I think. He knows how to spell his name, but he isn’t quite sure yet how the letters are supposed to look.

My second boy is our designated Lego Mindstorms robot builder so he was busy with that most of the morning. He didn’t have a chance to build his name until after lunch! A Lego Mindstorms robot can take about 3 to 4 hours just to build.

My boys had fun building their names!  Thank  you to Isabelle at Gather Love Grow for another great challenge!


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  1. A_Boleyn

    Of course age and manual dexterity plays a role but it’s also interesting how the individual interpretation of the challenge ends up. It’s helpful that your son who did a 3-d version of his name has the shortest name. ūüôā Matthias is a LONG name so it’s to his credit that he didn’t shorten it to Matt.

  2. Isabelle

    That is so cool. The name in braille is blowing me away. Absolutely love it!!!

    1. Joshua

      I was amazed that he came up with that himself. It is a cool idea.

  3. Julia Goss

    this is so fun, our lego club is on hold right now ūüôĀ due to renovations, but hopefully I can gather up lots of fun ideas for future days !!

    1. Lynn-Marie

      We are getting ready to renovate our house too. If everything falls into place :). A Lego club is a great idea!

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