We had a lot of fun with today’s LEGO Challenge from Gather. Love. Grow.

In fact, this challenge kept them pretty busy for part of the afternoon! Thank you, Isabelle, for another fun LEGO challenge!

To make the zipline, we took some heavy-duty string that Thias had used to make an old-fashioned cup telephone (the cup telephone only sort of worked), and I tied it to a curtain rod above our living room window. Then, one of my boys tied it to one of the legs of our piano bench. This made a pretty intense zipline for our LEGO vehicles, which meant they crashed at the bottom of the line and broke into pieces! To prevent the crash and hopefully keep LEGO flying everywhere, we put the back of a foam child chair underneath the string.

Ian made a LEGO car. Surprisingly, it stayed in one piece. Most of the time.

Corran made a boat. This vehicle wasn’t very sturdy and was the reason we had to put the chair underneath the string.

Thias decided to have his minifigure hang upside-down!

I took a few videos of the boys using the zipline.

Here is the previous video in slow-motion, just for fun!

I slowed Thias’ video down even more so it’s a little bit more dramatic. Thias made two different vehicles to ride the zipline. This is a video of his second one.

Rhys even made something for the zipline! His didn’t have a minifigure on it though.

Ian had the most fun with the zipline I think. He built multiple vehicles for it.

Later, after the older boys were done playing with the zipline, my two youngest had fun playing with the zipline together. Thank you for another great LEGO challenge for a summer day, Gather. Love. Grow!


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  1. Isabelle

    Looks like you had fun! I love the boat idea. So cute!

    1. Lynn-Marie

      I liked the hang glider one your kids made 🙂 isn’t it fun seeing what they come up with?

      1. Isabelle

        Thanks! He was quite proud of that hang glider. I do love seeing their unique personalities shine through on projects like these. You can easily see who the scientific one is and who the artistic one is. Now, my third one, we’re not quite sure which way he’s going yet, he’s still figuring things out! 🙂

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