Josh and I don’t post as much geeky stuff as we should on our blog, even though it is called The Geek Homestead. We often don’t have time or a chance to be as geeky as we would like. For Father’s Day though, I decided to go all geek and order two Lootcrates for Josh.

The first Lootcrate I ordered for him was the Firefly Cargo Crate. Firefly is one of our favorite sci-fi TV shows, and in particular, we both love the character Jayne Cobb. Fortunately, May’s Firefly Cargo Crate focused on Jayne, so Josh got quite a few Jayne-related items.

I took video of the unboxing, but I have yet to learn how to edit videos, so instead of posting the video, I’m going to post screenshots of most of the items and a description of each.

The box itself is so neat that we are keeping it!

A Kaylee Qbit was the first figurine Josh pulled out of the box. She is so cute!  Josh let me have her. She is now standing beside my Gundam figurine (who has somehow lost its scythe) on top of the printer cabinet.

Yes, I confess that I was hoping Josh would let me have some of the loot, even though the boxes are really supposed to be for him!

This is a Jayne Cobb coin. It is exclusive to Lootcrate. You can’t find this anywhere else I think. Thias was very interested in this and actually wanted it for himself!

A figurine of Jayne next. He is wearing his “Troublemaker” shirt and carrying Vera. And wearing the famous hat that his mom made for him.

One of Jayne’s quotes from the show on a pin: “Let’s be bad guys.” This is going on our bag of holding for Comic-Con!

A Jaynestown sticker with Jayne’s creepifying statue on it.

Jayne always carried a flask on the show. So here’s one for us. We will probably just use it for decoration.

Josh loves T-shirts and especially loves geeky ones like this one. This shirt says “dead fish” on it. It does make me think of the phrase “carpe diem” though, which means “Seize the day,” though I kind of wish it actually meant “Die like a fish.”

There were also two more things in the box: a poster describing Jayne’s warrant for his arrest, and a small booklet all about Jayne and the significance of each item that was in the crate.

Being Firefly fans, we loved this crate. I am still debating whether or not to get next month’s crate, which focuses on Zoe. We will see!

– Lynn

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  1. Vanessence

    There are Firefly lootcrates you can buy?! I need this!!

    1. Lynn-Marie

      Go to and take a look! 🙂 you can’t get Jayne’s crate anymore but I think the next one might be Zoe!

      1. Vanessence

        I will! Thanks for the tip! Love Firefly!

  2. A_Boleyn

    I love your Lootcrate. I know a bit about Firefly though I haven’t seen many episodes. It’s always nice to see my blogger friends show off their inner geek. I haven’t posted any of my newest goodies in ages. I just may this summer. 🙂

    1. Joshua

      It is a little harder to post the geeky stuff. Often you end up writing to a narrow audience, or have to provide a lot of background information.

      1. A_Boleyn

        I agree. It’s hard to post my hobbies/gardening etc as well but every once in a while, I do one. Right now I’m putting off updating my May clearance and since it’s the middle of JUNE … that’s a lot of procrastinating.

  3. lucindablogs

    I absolutely loved firefly, I wish it had never been cancelled. I want your lootcrate!

    1. Joshua

      It is a shame it didn’t last long. Lynn and I like it a lot, and have quotes we use from it regularly.

      1. lucindablogs

        Me too! Every time I drive round a local twisty bit of road I shout “I’m a leaf on the wind!” and no-one knows what I’m talking about.

        1. Lynn-Marie

          I was so sad about Wash in the Serenity movie 🙁 *cries*

          1. lucindablogs

            I know! I loved him and Zoe so much 🙁

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