It’s our second bloom night! I talk about our Night blooming Cereus Bloom Watch (which ended up being less than 24 hours) here and our Night-blooming Cereus First Bloom Night here. One of our night blooming cereus bloomed last night, three of the remaining four bloomed tonight, and I think that the stubborn fourth one maybe bloom tomorrow night unless it surprises us and blooms between 9 and midnight tonight.

I did take a picture of our first night blooming cereus flowers this morning. They were closed and beginning to wilt.

It was beautiful while it lasted!

This is our stubborn late bloomer. It is one of our more interesting night blooming cereus because it’s very exposed where it is. There are no mesquite trees hovering over it and no dead branches in the way of view. The upside to this: it will be much easier to take pictures with nothing in the way!

I am going to do something a little different with this post. I’ll put up pictures of each plant grouped as it looked before blooming, while blooming (if I have it), and then when fully bloomed. To continue to the next set of flowers, just click the page numbers at the bottom of the page after the pictures of related posts. I also will post a picture of the desert plants around the night blooming cereus. This cactus certainly does like it’s creepy locales!

This night blooming cactus is by one of my favorite barrel cactus groupings. It’s also pretty close to the house so you don’t have to go far to see it. Let’s call it the Three Musketeers.

You can see the patch of barrel cactus behind the mesquite tree.

One of the flowers just didn’t want to be photographed. Being right by one of the cactus stems made it hard to take pictures of one of the flowers.

There were a lot of dead branches around this cactus, which is why I say they seem to like their growing environment to be creepy.

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