Today’s Lego Challenge from Gather Love Grow was to make something symmetrical.  I was able to explain symmetry to the 11, 8, and 6 year old, however, the 4 year old didn’t quite get it.  He made shapes, but they don’t really match each other.

Our 11 year old built a “guy”. It reminds me of something, but I can’t quite place it right now.

Our 8 year old built a suit of armor. Some of the colors are not exactly the same, but I am not sure if he could find matching pieces. I think he put the most thought into his creation.

One of the creations at Gather Love Grow was a video game. Our 6 year old liked that idea and this is his version of a video game.

Many thanks to Isabelle at Gather Love Grow for another Lego Challenge.  This one was helpful in teaching about symmetry to the younger kids.


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  1. A_Boleyn

    It’s going to take your little one a while to get the concept of “symmetry”. The oldest 3 did a great job.

    1. Joshua

      It is a difficult concept for sure

  2. Isabelle

    So cool! I think the suit of armour looks a bit like Darth Vader’s suit. ☺

  3. Lynn-Marie

    That top one looks like a bird 🙂 I didn’t get to see these when they built them. I’m glad I got to see them now! They did a good job.

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