Today’s LEGO Challenge was to build a collage on a LEGO baseplate. I think only Ian really understood what I was asking for, but at least, I was able to convince Corran to build something! He doesn’t usually participate in the LEGO Challenges.

This idea came from the AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO) LEGO group I follow on Facebook. I don’t build anything for it, but I love seeing what other adults build. One of their challenges was a colorful baseplate collage and I was so amazed at what they built that I wanted to see what my kids could do with it.

At first, they were a bit overwhelmed at the thought of completely covering a large baseplate (10″ by 10″) with LEGO. So I told them they could use the small baseplates (5″ by 5″ or 16 studs on each side). This was definitely more doable for them.

Ian’s baseplate collage is very abstract in its form. Can you guess what it is? Highlight the next row to find out!

A guy holding up at an ice cream cone.

This is Rhys’s baseplate collage. He says that it is a skull. In our last LEGO challenge, LEGO Still Life, he also built a skull. Rhys has a taste for the macabre I think.

Corran is 15 years old and doesn’t really build much with LEGO anymore, though he does have favorite sets that he builds and displays in his room. I told him he had to build something for this challenge, so he came up with a spaceship shooting an alien. His baseplate is even smaller than 5″ by 5″.

Matthias’s baseplate collage made me laugh. Isn’t this how a lot of us are feeling right now?

What will you and your kids build with LEGO today?


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